At Blue City Realty, we manage properties from an owner’s perspective. We know that each property is unique and recognize the need for personal attention to every property. Our dedicated, well-trained and responsive team takes the time to understand your specific needs through an in-depth assessment of the property and then creates a plan tailored specifically to your particular property. Our team members have comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of property management, are committed to excellence, and have a proven track record in providing unparalleled service.  

We take a proactive approach to property management and are focused on promoting efficiency, reducing costs, optimizing resident satisfaction, and maximizing the net income of your property. We are committed to ethically managing every property with the goal of providing the highest quality property management services for owners and residents alike.

Rent Management

  • Determine accurate rent level
  • Establish bank accounts for depository of funds
  • Create rent invoices and set up payment collection
  • Collect security deposit, rent and common charges, and other receivables

Tenant Management

  • Oversee inventory control
  • Market & advertise available properties
  • Conduct credit checks and background screens
  • Prepare leases & lease renewals
  • 24/7 emergency management
  • Deal with evictions
  • Manage resident relations

Maintenance & Repairs

  • Daily property maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Timely work-order repairs
  • Renovation oversight
  • Schedule routine inspections
  • Security implementation
  • Competitive bidding on all contracts

Financial Management

  • Prepare & implement a budget
  • Prepare monthly and annual financial reports
  • Mortgage, utility and other expense payments
  • Procure cost effective insurance policies
  • State & Federal Tax filings
  • Record maintenance
  • Cash flow management


  • Procure legal representation
  • Regulatory filings and compliance
  • Ensure local laws and legislation are being followed

Special Services

  • Capital improvement planning and monitoring
  • Property refinancing
  • Negotiation and preparation of commercial leases

We are ready to create a productive partnership with you.